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"TO BE WITH YOU" By Matt Hanley

three young women on train during the Matt Hanley music dance experience To Be With You

"To Be with You" is a Music - Dance Experience about relationships, written and produced by Matt Hanley. The 11 songs are streaming on Spotify, iTunes, Tidal and other stores. The videos feature dancing and acting in a multi-dimensional disco. Actors Leah Dustin, Hannah Hewitt, and Annie Lewis bring the stories to life along with Matt who sings and narrates. It's a trippy experience with thematic backgrounds, lighting, and dances. Each song is an adventure. Watch and listen .. experience .. as the cast explores the many sides to relationships, from love, loss, aggravation, longing, bickering, over-sharing, sacrifice and more. You'll laugh, you'll dance!

album art for To Be With You by Matt Hanley

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A true solo effort, Matt recorded at Silent E Studios, playing all instruments. With some rockers, country vibes, anthems, two waltzes, many dance numbers, the record has something you'll love.

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Track 9 "One More Week" can be spun in the Sand JukeBox !

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All tracks - words and music by Matthew P. Hanley (BMI) all rights reserved.

lead guitars - track 2 - Mike Serman, Sam Soffia
duet vocals - track 11 - Matthew Cettei

Matt Hanley - bass guitar, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, lead guitar, harmonica, organ, synthesizer, percussion, drum programming, vocals, backing vocals

Recorded at : Silent E Studio, New York City

Mixing and Master by Mike Serman, Kingston Industries, New York

Artwork by Famprr LLC

Dedicated to Peter V. Connolly

Produced by MATT HANLEY


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