Sand Records. New York City.

Sounds Dope for Shore!

Sand Records is the home of artists Starring MH, Bedroom Guys, and Bess Wishes. We have been producing and distributing dope music since 2018. The "Sand Sound" is described as both "beachy" and "idiodic". Key is the house band The Kokomites and crucial is the Engineering Dept that combines 1970s analog tape machines and classic microphones with cutting-edge mixing consoles.. the result is a 'dad-rock / brat-rock' vibe... the SOUND OF SAND!

I Dig Marie by Starring MH

"I Dig Marie" by Starring MH is a hot single available on the major music stores.

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Sand Records employs several novel methods to get the music to the people:

In the Studio

Sand Records has its own studio, Silent E, in Manhattan's East Village. We also have access to and utilize outstanding professional recording spaces such as Mozart Street in Brooklyn.

Mike Ryan Hartwell

The Kokomites getting busy.

A Bright Future

Sand Records is presided over by Matt Hanley, who is also the principle writer and producer.

President Matt Hanley


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